Use SolidWorks for Your Industry

These Video Demonstrations Show How

How to Make a Parametric Shelf in SolidWorks

This video shows how to make a parametric shelf in SolidWorks using top-down design and in-context references. There are no complicated formulas or equations. Just draw the parts and relate the parts to each other.
This video demonstrates:
  • Using a base 3D sketch to define the primary dimensions
  • Mirroring Parts
  • Using construction lines
  • Making parametric dados that resize to exact material thickness
  • Using library features to add knock-down fittings

How to use Weldments in Store Fixtures and Cabinet Design

Weldments are useful for a variety of things including: trim, crown-molding and paneling.
This video demonstrates:
  • Using weldments to make end trim
  • Using profile libraries and structural members for crown molding
  • How to use parametric design to control size

Pathfinder3D in Operation

This video is an introduction to PathFinder3D. SolidWorks is a powerful tool. With it you can create parametric assemblies and you can draw one-of-a-kind assemblies quickly and accurately. Drawings update automatically. The problem has always been how to get a 3D drawings out to the CNC or panelsaw. That is where PathFinder3D comes in.
This video demonstrates:
  • Assigning and reviewing materials
  • Grain direction and finished face orientation functionality
  • Generating Cut-Lists for Panelsaw
  • Generating Toolpaths for CNC
  • Parametric Toolpaths

Back-Side Cut Automation

Support for generating 2 different programs for cutting both sides of the part on a CNC has been added in PathFinder3D v0.9. This video demonstrates how this new feature works.

Fully Integrated CAM System

Pathfinder3D is now a fully integrated CAM system. We can now nest parts directly out of SolidWorks. In this demo we process a 3D model and create gcode. All of this is done Automatically by Pathfinder3D PBE.